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Let's Go Bon Dance

Let's Go Bon Dance

$ 20.00

If you're from Hawaii, then you know why this tee is an absolute MUST HAVE for your little one! During the summer months, bon dance festivals are held almost every weekend across every island. And while it is traditionally a Japanese Buddhist custom, bon dance has become much more of a community event that is enjoyed by all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds!

Every year during obon, it is believed that ancestors' spirits return to our world to visit their relatives. Lanterns are hung to guide the spirits, special services are held to honor those who have passed, and "bon odori" (bon dance) is performed around the "yagura" (tower).

Every bon dance you attend will be different and unique, but most will include yummy local foods like andagi, ice shave, saimin, spam musubi and teriyaki sticks. The dances are open to everyone (kinda just have to jump in and fake it til you make it!) and it's so fun to see everyone's colorful hapi coats and even some traditional Japanese kimonos!

When we were growing up, bon dance was just something we went to because there weren't a lot of other options for "going out" in Hilo. Now that we are older and have our own children, it's so heartwarming and nostalgic to see our little ones enjoying the same bon dance festivals that we once did! And we hope that this tee will bring a little added excitement for your little ones! :)

Printed on 4.5 oz. 100% combed ringspun cotton jersey tees for ultimate softness and comfort for your little ones.

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