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Boys' Day 2018

Boys' Day 2018

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"Tango-no-sekku" or Boys' Day is celebrated every year on May 5th. Its historical origin comes from Japan, but it has become a very popular tradition in Hawaii!

On Boys' Day the most common sight in Hawaii are the large "koinobori" (carp) that everyone hangs from their roofs or from bamboo poles. Carp are classic symbols of masculinity in Japanese culture, associated with strength, perseverance and longevity. Following tradition, each carp hung outside the home represents a male in the household. The largest carp at the top of the pole symbolizes the father and subsequent smaller carp below symbolizes each son.

Families also bring out and display their collections of kokeshi dolls (like the one featured on this tee) and often times boys will receive additional dolls for their collection.

Ironically, in Japan, Boys Day was joined with Girls Day to form Children's Day, celebrated on May 5th. However in Hawaii, we still observe Girls' Day on March 3rd and Boys' Day on May 5th. We think it's definitely more fun that way! haha!

So here's wishing all of you a Happy Boys' Day from MaruMaru Hawaii! :)

Tees are printed on 4.5 oz. 100% combed ringspun cotton jersey for ultimate softness and comfort for your little ones.

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